NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund Youth Essay Contest

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2020 Contest Winners

The students who made the submissions were enrolled in an elementary, junior high, or high school. Winners were selected by a committee made up of NRA Assistant General Counsel Skipp Galythly and Morgan Shields; Paralegals Katie Crowley, Jackie Husar and Emily Freeman; and NRA employees Rachel Lacey and Stephen McCormick.

Senior Category

First Place

Owen Scala

Second Place

Emilee Ceuninck

Third Place

Hays Turner

Fourth Place

Mubarak Adeshina

Senior Honorable Mentions

Carly Moran
Brook Jackowski
Trent Kinder
Lauren Harris
Dan Goerndt
Josephine Gibson


Junior Category

First Place

Serena Whipple

Second Place

Abigail Elaine Kelly

Third Place

Grace Ebert

Fourth Place

Jason Oberly

Junior Honorable Mentions

Zoe Zuk
Baha Naga Sahrasra Tella



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